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May 17

PnS Post: Breakfast

Pop on over to papernstitch to take a look at my thoughts and images regarding casual dining in the kitchen area, traditionally known as the breakfast nook.

May 14

Pinterest Picks: May 14

1200514Daniel_vienna_10_room Woma-wz9_v1Uw_20-400x300Molecular_gastronomy_kit_700 12-400x400Tumblr_lykugzwoaq1qavbqfo1_500
Here are a few of my recent favorites from my Pinterest feed. If you want to see the rest of my pins, check them out and follow me here.

1. Hotel Daniel in Vienna: Love the industrial vibe here that is tempered with high-end wood and a classy look.

2. Woman by Common Projects: I always go for a good wedge, and leather and wood are a favorite combination, especially when the woodgrain shows off nicely.

3. Uniform Wares by Six: This entire collateral line is beautiful. Six shows off the new watch line while keeping things clean and minimal.

4. Molecular Cuisine from ThinkGeek: I am often sucked into the science of food, and Molecular Gastronomy kits are the perfect way to dabble in this. The packaging of this kit is pretty nicely done, as well.

5. Femme Chair by Rik ten Velden: Designed using a single rope and sailor’s knots, this chair is both simple and very textural.

6. Owl: Wish I had a source for this (damn you, Tumblr!) - if you happen to come across it, please let me know. Just love the contrast as well as the content in this piece.

May 03

Poster: The Birds

My husband Corey would tell you that I am always a sucker for black, white, and red graphics. From old constructivist work to modern pieces, they seem to have an impact I can’t deny. I don’t wear red, and rarely choose it for anything, but it seems I make an exception here.

This poster of Hitchcock’s The Birds was created as a collaboration between my husband, Corey Holms and Marian Bantjes as part of the Now Showing project. The posters are still availbale for sale for only £35, but will only be available for a short time more. Snatch one up now if you’re interested!

Apr 30

Twitter Roundup: Apr 30

Anthology-mag-blog-issue-7-thomas-wold-1 Renapost_retaileyecandy2_exterior6936224494_61f6c8f16c_b Timthumb Tumblr_m31ofhp2cr1rqpa8po1_500
Busy time here at FormFire Glassworks - in the home stretch for getting my Fab order out the door. In the meantime, here’s some great stuff I found through my perusal of Twitter links:


Donkey Cabinet: great colors and composition by Thomas Wold at Anthology Magazine blog - Via @justinablakeney

Storefront: post by Chloé Douglas on Rena Tom - Via @plentyofcolour

Chive and Cheddar Buttermilk Scones: need to make these for my husband - Via @tasteologieFEED

Nomu Tea Set: Love the combination of ceramic and cork. Classy yet down-to-earth - Via @bltd 
1939 New York World’s Fair poster: from Pantone’s Color History of the 20th century - Via @brainpicker

Hobbies: the Personal Path to Creativity - Via @CreativityPost

How to: Use a single paper towel to dry your hands - Via @brain picker
Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day: May 19th, stand up for real food! - Via @richardbranson

Apr 20

Pinterest Picks: Apr 20

12004209600000f29ee324_orh550w550_bathroom71 Il_570xn Eva-solo-drinking-bottle-480x480Ochredoor_bedroom248894316876064946_u6mxvkm8_c E8c3bb404915d42e015654dc6fd88aca
It’s been a crazy month, with a short vacation and me getting pieces ready to ship for Fab, and although I haven’t been blogging much, I have been pinning! Here is a selection of some great stuff I found on Pinterest recently:

1. Carved stone basin: With grain and color that makes it look like wood, this is easy maintenance. I originally thought I was a marine grade wood piece, but either way, the shape is super.

2. Moss terrarium by themosserstore: If you’ve followed my blog here, you know I have a thing for terrariums. This one is a minimalist version that requires only a small amount of care. Great look for an end table, in a bookshelf, or in a grouping on the dining table.

3. Water bottle by Eva Solo: This bottle is made from BPA-free plastic (I prefer glass,) but the shape and the great loop handle in different colors makes this a winner.

4. Industrial barn door by Ochre: Combined with the polished concrete floors and clean modern furniture, this space looks pulled together and spare yet still very livable.

5. Amy Neunsinger photography for House Beautiful: I love everything about this. The photo itself is stunning with the light streaming in, the outdoor space is inviting with multiple seating areas, and the overall vibe is relaxing.

6. Sky High branding for Radisson Blu Hotel: I like the proportions and attenuated look of this type. Of course I was drawn to the image showing how the letterforms were constructed.

If you’d like to see more of my over 12,000 (really!) pins, feel free to follow me on Pinterest.

Apr 19

PnS Post: Artwork

Today’s guest post on papernstitch looks at ways to showcase artwork in your home. Check out all the other images and my thoughts here.

Apr 05

PnS Post: Large-scale Lighting

My guest post today on papernstitch is all about oversize lighting - check out my other images and thoughts here.

Mar 29


After a very busy weekend coming up (one of the girls has a 3-day Junior National Qualifier volleyball tournament,) I will be heading out of town for the rest of the week. My husband and i will be heading to Tahoe for some much-needed peace and quiet. I will be back online beginning April 9th.

Image via Corey Holms

Twitter Roundup: Mar 29

Metropolis-spa-house-22012-03-28_strawberrysorbet-1 Tumblr_m1jquzlu2x1rqpa8po1_500

I’ve been a little slow on Twitter this week - things have been packed pretty full, but I try to check in when I can. I’ve found that using Flipboard to see if I missed anything big (especially tweets that link to images,) can really help me keep up to date. Here are a few things I found this week, from images to articles to a funny quote:

Spa House by Metropolis Design – This house makes me ready for a vacation - love the horizontality and the openness. via @designmilk

Strawberry sorbet – I love the simplicity of this recipe, and wonder if the at-home cook would make it look as appealing. via @thekitchn

Modern phrases we owe to Shakespeare – Spend some time reading this list, some of these are really surprising. via @brainpicker

Calligraffiti – Since I learned calligraphy at a young age, I have always been interested in lettering. This site runs the gamut from digital to in situ wall art. via @BlairThomson

Ben Brooks on Calendar Apps – I have a personal distate with the waay calendar apps are presented (please stop trying to look like a day-timer) and Ben Brooks nails it on this one. via @patrickrhone

And finally the quote:
Q: How many nerds does it take to ruin a joke?
A: So. Unless I’m missing something here, I think you meant “geeks.” And, “riddle.” Proceed.
via @hotdogsladies
Have a great week, Twitter!

Mar 28

Fab sale rescheduled!

Good news, everyone! My sale at Fab.com has been rescheduled to begin Monday April 2nd.

The sale will include a limited range of pieces, so be sure to check it out on Monday for the widest selection. I never have my work at sale prices, so this is a big opportunity if you’ve been eyeing some of my necklaces. Also, I will be debuting an earring as well!